Sometimes we can lump the worst part of us in one big thing; our bad habits, our particular sensitivity to specific situations, a bad memory, that physical trait we don't like very much. These, and other things that make-up who we are, are not the same thing. Some of these things are inherited, others are part of our upbringing, others are genetic, and others yet are of our own doing.

An even greater factor is our inability to properly differentiate things that are physical from things that are spiritual. Some of the difficulties you have faced are spiritual, and it is very probable that you have been trying to solve spiritual problems with physical tactics.

In this last part of Facing Your Demons, Pastor JD shares a message about overcoming curses. What comes to mind when you think of a curse? Are curses a way for God to control human beings? If you are living under a curse, what can you do about it?

We hope this message blesses you and helps you live better!

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