What is the centerpiece of a life with God?  What was the catalyst to the Christian movement? Why does it matter to you? In this presentation, Pastor...View Details

If You Knew

When it comes to life experiences we all have better hindsight than we do foresight.  Most of us have at least one experience in our past when we wou...View Details

In this message, pastor JD concludes the series with 3 practical things you can do to restore a friend in time of need. 

Us | The Sweet Spot

This week, pastor JD continued the conversation about our call to live us-minded, and to love our neighbor.  Why should you hold a higher standard? ...View Details

Us | Are We Here Yet?

Pastor JD share the second part of our June Series titled "US" with a conversation on the importance of being present.

Us | Blindside

Pastor JD shares the first part of our June Series "Us".  There are two kinds of blindness that keep us from loving others well.  Jesus came to show...View Details

Hanging On Maybe

Worship Director Dan DePaula shares a message about faith.

Made To Count | Part 2

We all want to make our lives count.  Pastor JD shares part 2 of Made To Count with 3 indispensable elements that will equip you to make your life co...View Details

Made To Count | Part 1

In this episode Pastor JD shares an encouragement on what it takes to make life count.


Have you found yourself in a situation when you received a gift or were treated in a way you didn't deserve?  In this episode, Pastor JD Muller share...View Details

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