Soul Rehab | Courage

As you transition to a new year from 2020, is your soul fit? Are you ready to make the most of the opportunities a new year brings? Pastor JD starts a...View Details

Pastors JD and Alini team up to talk about transitioning from 2020, share stories, and give you principles on how to listen to God's voice. We hope th...View Details

Pastor JD shares a message to help you end 2020 well prepare for the new year. Get ready for your Holiday Homework. A useful guide to help you enter 2...View Details

On Christmas, Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus. But why did Jesus come? Why did he come in the flesh? Pastor JD shares a com...View Details

Pastor Alini continues our Parables series talking about Jesus's teaching on the parable of the sower. A fresh and practical insight for your life. We...View Details

Parables | Part 1

Pastor JD introduces a new series titled, "Parables". A challenge to answer to Jesus's invitation to a new kind of life.

When it comes to interpersonal communication, there are times when it is important to be bold and wise.  Pastor JD closes our Throwing Shade series ta...View Details

More than ever we need to understand the kind of life Jesus called us to live. In an age when people are critical, judgmental, and disloyal, Pastor JD...View Details

Pastor JD continues our Throwing Shade series with a message that will help you be a better son, daughter, husband, wife, and friend.

What you say matters, because you matter.  Pastor JD kicks off our November series with a message about the tongue. Be encouraged.

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