Mamma Knows Best | Mary

Have you ever wondered about Mary's position as Jesus's mother and servant? How can you parent your Lord and savior? Maybe you might think it has no p...View Details

Mamma Knows Best | Hannah

We are exploring the life of a few mothers in the Scripture and looking at how they changed the world. On this message, Pastor JD shares the story of ...View Details

Pastor JD concludes the Living In Your Element series with a message about an essential attitude for growth. We hope this message blesses you and help...View Details

An Attitude Of Gratitude

There's much to be said about gratitude and the difference it makes. Pastor JD highlights 3 characteristics of gratitude that will help you live in yo...View Details

On this Easter Sunday, Pastor JD shares a message about Jesus's example of endurance, the benefits of endurance, and how we too can endure.  We hope t...View Details

Lack of humility can be a detriment to your ability to fulfill your potential. Pastor Alini shares part 2 of our series Living In Your Element. Learn ...View Details

How do you know you are living in your element? Most of us have a picture of what it would look like; an expectation we have of living in our element....View Details

Fight For Community

The quality of your community is directly connected to how you fight for your community. Pastor JD challenges you to fight for community in 3 areas. I...View Details

One of the greatest challenges in our community today is the connection between generations. The gap in communication between generations is as wide a...View Details

What do you do when people leave? That's the question pastor JD answers in this message. It is a fact of life that people will leave. Sometimes becaus...View Details

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