Scriptures invite us to rejoice in our sufferings. What does that mean? Are we supposed to develop some kind of weird pleasure in pain? Are the Script...View Details

For dormant areas in your life to come back to life, you have to mind your surroundings. On this last teaching of "Back To Life", Pastor JD shares 3 t...View Details

Pastor Alini Müller faced a tough few months dealing with anxiety during and postpartum. In this message, she shares the story that gave birth to this...View Details

Back To Life | Mind-Reset

Most times our limitation is now around us, but in us: our mindset. Pastor JD shares a message about the importance of taking responsibility over your...View Details

There are times in life when the road comes to an end; a job, a relationship, the pursuit of a dream. But what about those times when you know in the ...View Details

Wisdom And Wealth

We all spend time, effort, and the best part of our days gathering wealth. We all have a desire for money because money can be useful and a blessing. ...View Details

Is your occupation purposeful? Do you sense you are fulfilling your calling through it? Many of us feel as though we can't experience the level of pur...View Details

When you fantasize about something that seems good to you in the moment, do you ever consider how bad things could get? Affairs rarely start intention...View Details

What do you want out of life right now? What governs your pursuit? More and more we are encouraged to pursue external aspirations of wealth, fame, and...View Details

Why should we choose wisdom? Why not throw caution to the wind and follow every craving and desire we have in the moment? Why not build a life doing w...View Details

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