Jesus sits down with the Ruler of the Pharisees and his guests for a Shabbat dinner. There he addresses them with 3 powerful lessons. Pastor JD shares...View Details

Have you ever felt so sure of yourself that you dismissed and maybe even disparaged people who thought or acted differently than you? Pastors JD and A...View Details

Love And Fear

Pastor JD shares a message about the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and what is has to do with you.

Pastors JD and Alini sit down to discuss the fruit of a life with God and the counterfeits the world offers in a discussion titled: Aim For The Water....View Details

Pastor Alini Müller delivers a practical and compelling message on why we need the living water Jesus came to bring.

Have you found yourself wondering why you are facing a setback? Or how to move beyond a dark season of sadness and hopelessness? Jesus said: "If anyon...View Details

We live in an era when we glorify busyness. We think being constantly active means we are moving toward success, or that activity means productivity. ...View Details

Pastors JD and Alini sit down to have a conversation about the importance of relationships and how to deal with imperfect people. We hope this convers...View Details

Like Me! - A Healthy You

We continue our "Like Me!" series with the second part of this series talking about 2 main aspects for a healthy self. Before you can have healthy rel...View Details

We all seek wholeness, acceptance, and belonging, but before things can function properly they have to be placed in proper order. When things are out ...View Details

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