Pastor JD closes the series with a message for singles.  In an age when everyone is trying to get single people on a date, and so many online dating s...View Details

The grass is greener where you water it.  Valeria Castro shares a message about the importance of nurturing a healthy marriage.  

Is fighting in a relationship a bad thing?  Why do we fight?  And if we are gonna fight, how can we fight right.  Pastor JD shares some insights and 3...View Details

RelationShip | Honor

A brand-new relationship series begins.  Pastor JD introduces the series with a message that will help every relationship.  Maybe you know who you lov...View Details

Rebirth | Generosity

We are all called to be generous, not only that, generosity is good for you! If you ever felt like you can't afford to be generous, or that generosity...View Details

Rebirth | Compassion

On part 3 of our Rebirth Series, Pastor Alini shares a powerful message about compassion.  If you have ever wondered about your part in this world, an...View Details

Rebirth | Joy

Pastor JD continues our Year of Rebirth series, with a message about joy.  How can you have lasting joy even when facing things that are beyond your c...View Details

In this episode, we welcome the new year introducing our vision for the year, including three practical points that will help ignite your heart and en...View Details

Our minds are so powerful, yet we can only do one thing at a time.  Understanding that we are active participants, and that each action matters, is ce...View Details

Can a lion and a lamb lie down together in peace?  In this message, JD talks about why Jesus had to come in the flesh, walk and live amongst us, and t...View Details

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