Have you found yourself in a situation when you received a gift or were treated in a way you didn't deserve?  In this episode, Pastor JD Muller share...View Details

Steward The Seed

Karma, What Goes Around Comes Around, these and others are popular ways of describing the principle of sowing and reaping. Pastor Alini Müller shares...View Details

There are steps we need to take, things we need to let go, and moments we need to seize in which most times we already know the answers, but somehow w...View Details

In this episode, JD continues the All Things New series by talking about heaven and hell, what the Scriptures teach about it, and what implications th...View Details

We are all looking for new things, but what do you do when the new you are looking for doesn't seem to satisfy you?  Pastor JD introduces a new serie...View Details

Fear Less

You can't do away with fear, it's what you do with it that matters.  In this presentation, Pastor Alini shares a message about 2 kinds of fear, and h...View Details

What does it mean to "follow"?  The invitation to "follow" in Scriptures might have more to it than we might realize. Pastor Darius Trainer shares a ...View Details

In this presentation, JD concludes the Soul Strong series with the last part of The Lord's Prayer: "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from e...View Details

Soul Strong | Move On

What is forgiveness?  And why is it better to forgive?  In this presentation, Pastor JD continues a message series based on Jesus's teaching known a...View Details

Soul Strong | Fresh Bread

Have you been in a desert season lately? Are you facing a drought in any area of your life?  Are you in a season of abundance? In this second part of...View Details

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