When our temper gets the best of us, when conversations turn into fights, when we are wronged, and we want to take matters in our own hands, what is the wise thing to do? Is all the anger, the desire for vengeance, the vindictiveness that is trying to arise within you worth acting upon? It may make you MAD, it may make you angry, it may make you want to quit and stop. Is it worth the action?

If you have faced strife, discord, and attrition at work or with loved ones, we hope this message will bless you and inspire you to live a better more fulfilling life. Each service, we aim to connect you to God, to others, and to your purpose.

ConnectCommunity is a life-giving church in Stamford, CT. Everyone is welcome. For more about ConnectCommunity, please visit: www.connectcommunity.tv

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