What do you do when people leave? That's the question pastor JD answers in this message. It is a fact of life that people will leave. Sometimes becaus...View Details

Have you thought about your rhythms of community lately? Many times we are upset because, even though we know people, we feel alone; like no one knows...View Details

How would you define "community"?  There are many kinds and types of community these days, and it is easy to box the community Jesus came to establish...View Details

Community | Frienship

Pastor JD shares a message about the uniqueness of friendship, how Jesus valued friendship, and 5 principles to be a good friend. We hope this message...View Details

A Vision Of Good Works

Pastor JD shares a message during Vision Sunday that will help you set better standards for the new year.

So many of us have a genuine desire to be the person others can count on. We want to be the person that can be there for others and help those in need...View Details

Revival | Heart Check

In a world where hostility is so widespread, and it's so easy to experience disappointment, it is necessary to keep our hearts in check lest we become...View Details

Revival | The Fear Of God

What is the most consequential element regarding your conduct and behavior? In this message, Pastor JD shares the importance of the fear of God in eve...View Details

One of the most paradoxical ideas in Christianity is the idea that Life leads to Death, and that Death leads to Life. Have you ever made a decision yo...View Details

A New Song

Sometimes our lives get stuck on repeat. Our thoughts get stuck in the same cycle, our worrying gets stuck in the same cycle, and it seems like hope f...View Details

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