All In | Study

What do you think about when you think of Study?  College days when you were cramming in work into the night?  Books in high school you dreaded readin...View Details

All In | Celebration

Celebration is essential in times of crisis.  Pastor JD continues our series ALL IN with a message about the importance of the discipline of celebrati...View Details

All In | Solitude

Pastor JD continues the All In series with a message about Solitude, and why it is important to practice solitude in this Covid-19 season we are all f...View Details

All in | Submission

Submission gets a bad reputation.  Most people think of it with negative undertones, but is the best life really the kind of life you always get your ...View Details

All In | Simplicity

Does All In mean "more"? Most times, it actually means less; less of what's unimportant, so you can have more time and focus for what is important. In...View Details

All in | Less For More

What does it take to go "all in" in your spiritual life?  Does "all in" always mean more?  Let's begin this series where we will learn the right minds...View Details

Pastor JD closes the series with a message for singles.  In an age when everyone is trying to get single people on a date, and so many online dating s...View Details

The grass is greener where you water it.  Valeria Castro shares a message about the importance of nurturing a healthy marriage.  

Is fighting in a relationship a bad thing?  Why do we fight?  And if we are gonna fight, how can we fight right.  Pastor JD shares some insights and 3...View Details

RelationShip | Honor

A brand-new relationship series begins.  Pastor JD introduces the series with a message that will help every relationship.  Maybe you know who you lov...View Details

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