Pastor JD continues this series with a candid and brief interview followed by 3 lessons to help you overcome discouragement and depression.

Pastor JD introduces the series People Change by interviewing a ConnectCommunity Team member who has changed for the better.  You can change!  If y...View Details

Pastor Alini Muller closes the series with a great message about vision, and perception.  

What is the one thing that touches the heart of God more than anything else? In this message, pastor JD encourages you to see your connection to God i...View Details

In this presentation, ConnectCommunity's own Valeria Castro, shares a great message about responding and taking action.

An interesting shift happens when you begin a relationship with God.  There is a clash of senses.  In this message, Pastor JD talks about hearing fr...View Details

Summer With Us | Essence

In this presentation, Pastor JD talks about why is it better to have the Jesus's life as our essence.  We hope this presentation inspires you to live...View Details

What is the centerpiece of a life with God?  What was the catalyst to the Christian movement? Why does it matter to you? In this presentation, Pastor...View Details

If You Knew

When it comes to life experiences we all have better hindsight than we do foresight.  Most of us have at least one experience in our past when we wou...View Details

In this message, pastor JD concludes the series with 3 practical things you can do to restore a friend in time of need. 

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