Greatest Hits | The Life

Jesus said he came to give us life more abundantly.  What is the main feature of life more abundantly?  Pastor Alini shares a compelling message about...View Details

When we plan, we have a general idea of what we want the final result to be; marriage, business, fitness, and academic goals are typically drafted wit...View Details

Look Beyond Your Limits

Have you ever considered your present limitations an unnecessary barrier in your life?  What if your limitation is exactly what you need to move forwa...View Details

Look Beyond The Seed

Big things start small; what if what you are looking for is already in your hands? Pastor JD shares part 5 of our series "Look Beyond" with a message ...View Details

Look Beyond The Pain

Pastor JD continues the series "Look Beyond" with a message that encourages you to Look Beyond Your Pain.  We all go through painful experiences in li...View Details

Look Beyond Yourself

Pastor Alini Müller continues the Look Beyond series with a great message.  If this season has made you feel like you are running in circles and you n...View Details

Look Beyond Today

Pastor JD continues the Look Beyond series with a message that will encourage us to keep moving forward through the difficult times we live in; a pand...View Details

Look Beyond | Part 1

Pastor JD begins a brand new series titled "Look Beyond".  In Numbers 32, there is a story about leaders wanting to settle in their portion of the Pro...View Details

We are spiritual beings living in a body, but how can you be aware and mindful of the spiritual reality that guides your life?  The apostle Paul liken...View Details

PPE | The Full Armor

Just as we have been instructed to put on gloves and masks to fight and reject the coronavirus, the Apostle Paul instructs us in Ephesians 6 to put on...View Details

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